Police and Security

Policing and security agencies are always under pressure to reduce costs. The EPEQ® IM Idle Management System (EPEQ® IM) has been proven to significantly reduce idling and maintenance costs while extending vehicle life, without compromising officer, employee, or public safety.

EPEQ® IM in Action

For a Police Department in Ohio, switching from Crown Victorias to SUVs raised concerns about environmental responsibility and maintenance and fuel costs. In 2016, the Fleet Administrator installed EPEQ® IM into 90 of its police cruisers. Since this time, the EPEQ® IM system has saved the fleet an estimated 238,530 gallons of fuel and reduced carbon emissions by approximately 2,123 metric tons. That is the equivalent of removing 459 passenger vehicles from the road for an entire year.

Safety Above All

The EPEQ® Idle Management System (EPEQ® IM) will drastically reduce harmful CO2 emissions and cut fleet costs, but it does so without putting lives at risk. Vehicle safety features that police and security personnel need and rely on, such as air bags, lighting, and equipment, will remain operational at all times, even when the vehicle’s engine is off. Features such as the door/brake start will immediately restart the vehicle’s engine when the door is opened/closed or brake is engaged.

Savings in Full

While many police and security organizations initially installed EPEQ® IM to eliminate unnecessary idling and the environmental damage and costs associated with it, they quickly learn the full benefit of the system.

  • Extending vehicle life by reducing unnecessary wear and tear
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to decreased wear and tear
  • Vehicle spending less time in the shop and more time in use
  • Reduces fuel consumption and fewer trips to gas stations
  • Reduces public complaints and improves public perception
  • Real-time idling and energy information on the EPEQ® IM Idle Tracker Dashboard

Learn why your fleet’s
anti-idling policy isn’t working… and why EPEQ® Idle Management does.

EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) is a patented vehicle control system that autonomously manages fleet idling, energy consumption, and climate-control so your operators can do their job safely and effectively.

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