The Basics & the Benefits of EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM)

The EPEQ® IM System automatically starts and stops vehicles in your fleet and controls auxiliary equipment to reduce unnecessary idling without compromising the ability for your team to get work done.

Operators will still have access to vehicle functions they need to do their job, including climate control (heat and AC), while your company avoids the hidden costs of excessive idling. EPEQ® IM also provides valuable data needed to get the most out of your fleet and to make informed decisions about purchasing future technologies such as electric vehicles.


Reduces fuel consumption
A V8 engine consumes 1 gal (4L) of fuel per hour of idling

Reduces emissions
18.9 lbs (9 kg) of CO2 are produced for every gallon (3.87L) of fuel consumed

Reduces operating costs
One hour of idling is equal to 33 miles (53 km) of engine wear and tear


Anti-Theft Feature ensures vehicles remain operational and secure while the driver is away. EPEQ® IM controls the shifter lock to prevent the vehicle from being put into drive. If the vehicle is put into drive, the engine will stall—the key is required to start the vehicle.

Secured GSM Connection does not connect directly to the vehicle itself. Instead, it connects to EPEQ® IM’s private network controller, preventing any position or vehicle control breach.


EPEQ® IM only activates in park or neutral — When speed is 0 km/h speed, hood is closed, and RPM is at idle

Access to essential functions — EPEQ® IM places the key in the run position to keep air bags operational and maintain access to necessary systems (e.g., windshield wipers, power windows, lights etc.)

Distraction-free driving — Operator screen turns off when the vehicle is in drive

Hood sensor — EPEQ® IM will not engage when the vehicle’s hood is up to ensure operator and technician safety

Override switch — Throttle Override – Allow operators to temporarily override when safety situations occur

Default operation — Drivers can manually start and stop EPEQ® IM if the system encounters an issue

Job Specific Operation When specific jobs require the vehicle to be running, EPEQ® IM can use signals from equipment such as PTO, lighting, air compressors and others to keep the engine on when needed.

More than Idling Management

EPEQ® IM not only controls idling, it provides data that can help fleet managers understand the energy needs of their vehicles, allowing them to predict and manage consumption even in newer hybrid vehicles.

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Learn why your fleet’s
anti-idling policy isn’t working… and why EPEQ® Idle Management does.

EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) is a patented vehicle control system that autonomously manages fleet idling, energy consumption, and climate-control so your operators can do their job safely and effectively.

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