Military and Defense

Fuel costs and logistics are not the only challenges faced by military and defense vehicles. Location and ability to access adequate tools, parts, and garages can result in prolonged and expensive vehicle repair and maintenance.

By automatically controlling and reducing idling time, EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) decreases engine wear and can increase maintenance intervals and the lifespan of military vehicles. It also cuts down on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, which saves you money and fights climate change.

EPEQ® IM in Action

We’ve helped thousands of fleets meet their reduction goals. With EPEQ® IM installed, engine operation at idle is cut between 30-70%, which reduces fuel costs, harmful CO2 emissions, and vehicle maintenance and downtime.

EPA and DOT estimate that one gallon of consumed gasoline produces 19.6 lbs (8.9 kg) CO2 emissions, and one gallon of diesel consumed produces 22.5 lbs (10.2kg). After installing EPEQ® IM, one fleet saved 12,004 litres—3,171 gallons—of fuel in a year.

Safety Above All

EPEQ® IM allows military vehicles to retain vital work functions even when the system is in monitoring mode. EPEQ® IM will never disable safety and security features and can be customized for each type of vehicle in your command. It will also drastically reduce emissions and contribute to your climate change efforts.

EPEQ® IM allows you to customize parameters and thresholds based on each vehicle’s duty cycle, meaning drivers or operators never have to turn the system on or off, or set controls—everything is automatic.

Savings in Full

While most services initially installed EPEQ® IM into their vehicles to eliminate unnecessary idling and the environmental damage and costs associated with it, they quickly learn the full benefit of the system.

  • Extending vehicle life by reducing unnecessary wear and tear
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to decreased wear and tear
  • Vehicle spending less time in the shop and more time in use
  • Increased operator safety, security, and vehicle function
  • For vehicles with DPF systems, EPEQ® IM significantly reduces the maintenance costs and failures
  • Reduces fuel consumption and fewer trips to gas stations
  • Reduces public complaints and improves public perception
  • Real-time idling and energy information on the EPEQ® IM Idle Tracker Dashboard

Learn why your fleet’s
anti-idling policy isn’t working… and why EPEQ® Idle Management does.

EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) is a patented vehicle control system that autonomously manages fleet idling, energy consumption, and climate-control so your operators can do their job safely and effectively.

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