Why We Do What We Do

Since 1972, Vanair® has worked toward one goal – being the industry leader in Mobile Power Solutions®. During that time, it has been an honor to collaborate with a multitude of companies to engineer products that deliver a true performance edge. Today, from our facilities in Michigan City, Indiana, Vanair® offers the world’s most comprehensive product line of mobile power solutions:

  • Vehicle-Mounted Air Compressors
  • Generators
  • Welders
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrified Power Equipment®
  • Chargers/ Boosters
  • Engine Starters
  • Custom Mobile Power Equipment
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We are proud to be working partners with world-class equipment manufacturers and technology providers who recognize the quality and advanced technology of the EPEQ® Idle Management system. As a company, we’re proud to develop, produce, and support products that provide a positive impact on our planet and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Our people are passionate about our products, which motivates us to improve continually, sharing idle reduction success with our loyal customers.

Learn why your fleet’s
anti-idling policy isn’t working… and why EPEQ® Idle Management does.

EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) is a patented vehicle control system that autonomously manages fleet idling, energy consumption, and climate-control so your operators can do their job safely and effectively.

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